A killer's 26-year-old secret may set inmate free

@icyorchid (2564)
United States
April 13, 2008 3:56pm CST
Lawyers hope dead man's confession will clear prisoner serving life term For nearly 26 years, the affidavit was sealed in an envelope and stored in a locked box, tucked away with the lawyer's passport and will. Sometimes he stashed the box in his bedroom closet, other times under his bed. It stayed there — year after year, decade after decade. Then, about two years ago, Dale Coventry, the box's owner, got a call from his former colleague, W. Jamie Kunz. Both were once public defenders. They hadn't talked in a decade. "We're both getting on in years," Kunz said. "We ought to do something with that affidavit to make sure it's not wasted in case we both leave this good Earth." For More Story: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24083675>1=40006
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• United States
14 Apr 08
I saw this article yesterday but couldn't follow who did what, when do whom...and who didn't...lol. Regardless I hope the right person is freed if that is what the evidence proves should be done.
@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
14 Apr 08
OMG icy, do you mean to tell me that they let someone sit in prison for 26 yrs when they know he is innocent? Sorry I couldn't open the link so I couldn't read all of the story. If that is the case, then something should be done about it. THEY should be put in jail for taking away a man's life. I don't care what positions they held but with both of them being public defenders well what can I say other than they weren't defending one member of the public, were they? It doesn't give you much trust in these people does it? They have abused their power.... to say the least. Thanks for sharing this with us!