Do you think a child rapist should be put to death?

@kaysue4 (951)
United States
April 13, 2008 5:49pm CST
I was watching the national US news when this topic came up. No one in the US has been put to death before except for taking the life of another person. Now, there was a victim interviewed and he was raped as a child and says that it is bad enough on a child with the trail and such and then adding the to the trama would be that that person was put to death for it. Another person stated that more children would end up dead because nothing would now stop the person from killing the child because they would already be put to death for the rape anyways. I can also see that the one person that they were talking about raped a child so bad that she had to have surgery and will be scared for life now. I was wondering what other people's thought on this are. What do YOU think on this subject? Thanks in advance for your comment.
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@tigrashadow (1086)
• Australia
13 Apr 08
personally, if it was legal, i think they deserve slow torture...but we cant do castration would be a good one. also most child rapists get dealt some heavy punishment in jail which is what they deserve....even criminals have their own code. every person who is raped, has to live with that for the rest of their lives and everyone is different as to how they cope and what they wish as punishment for their attacker.
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