making money online

United States
April 13, 2008 11:53pm CST
everyone is looking for a get rich scheme. Well there really are no such things but I have found a new site that you may have a great chance at making some good money as it builds. But the difference here is you can start at the top. It's a new site and will take off just as every other site has just like this site and many more. But you can be one of the ones at the top talking about how you made money instead of seeing those people on tv or on online. There is nothing to lose it is free to join and there is no cost later.It pays you....nothing can be gained from not trying and nothing can be lost if you try... So go ahead and give it a try and sign up now before you find yourself wishing you would have tried it at least.... here is the link see ya there
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@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
10 May 08
And what exactly we do on this site, we post and then we will be pay? just like mylot? please explain to me.
@maxsee212 (799)
• United States
14 Apr 08
if you really want to get rich, invest for your future. invest in stocks for your retirement.
• United States
14 Apr 08
i agree with you but in order to that you have to have money to invest so doing online things gives me the extra money to invest into the future I don't use the money i make here but for one thing I put it away to save up enough to buy CD's and IRA's and i have invested in marketing ideas as well. As a matter of fact I am right now trying to get a new idea set into play to be marketed to the public. It is my own invention and will revolutionize the garage door making it useful for more than closing the door and giving back the space of the urban garage. But if you get a chance to check out the site you should who knows it might be the next big thing to hit the internet.