state ur experience with god/ ghost

panch mukhi hanuman - panch mukhi hanuman
October 31, 2006 11:25pm CST
with ghost- my previous home was haunted....we wud see a lady pass by n when we look no one wud be there . we cud hear sound of someone running up n down the stars but on noe wud be there...worst of all she wud trouble us when we were asleep.;;like frighten us or try to crush us as if something heavy was fallin on us. once ther was this incident when we cud hear sound of someone grinding in the room above but no one was there n when we went up we cud hear the sound fom below room n so on. god- if ghosts exists then gods surely do. when i had fallen seriously ill becuase of the ghost in our house i was hospitalized for 1 week n didnt have any solid food onlid ciline.i wud throw up anything i consumed. docs cudnt find anything wrong with me but the prob wudnt stop i smelt foul smell from food too imagine biryani smeelin foul. anywaz when i returned home my condition became worse from bad n then mom put hanumanji's tilak on me n the flowers near his puja on my head instantly things became controlled n me who cudnt stand up cud get up had snacks n cud walk abt n went to a pujari for futher help. call it miracle - but today i m alive because of god's grace.
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1 Nov 06
Hindu, Anjaneyar
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