Have you ever been scammed?

@jidesh (283)
April 14, 2008 10:10am CST
Losin money n fallin victim to identity theft r frequent occurrences for many people who encounter scam artists online or in the real world. Ther are wayz to avoid becoming a victim, namely to be aware of scamz and how scam artists work. One of the more common scamz is called Phishing (pronounced fishing). You've received e-mailz saying that you need to update your eBay, PayPal, bank or credit card information. These r all scamz attempting u get your account numberz, usernamez and passwordz. There is a link in the e-mail where u r supposed to go and update your info. These links will take u to a dummy site where the info u enter is stolen and sold to thievez. The site may look legitimate, but it's not. Scam artists often copy a page from the real site, but have it set up on a different server where they can get your information. If you ever receive an e-mail like this, simply ignore it. No legitimate organization will ask for your information this way. If you feel compelled to respond you should first call the company to find out if they sent you the e-mail. Or go directly to the company's site, not the link, to see if therz any mention of the e-mail. have u ever been scammed thru internet??
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@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
I have been scammed once in ebay. I buy a lot of second hand or used books from ebay USA. 2 years ago, there was still no paypal in my country and I have to pay the ebay seller through international bank draft. I bought about 130 books and I paid about $134 dollars for it. The seller was a power seller and has been with ebay for years and had a very good reputation. But sad to say, she scammed me and never sent the books. The time that I sent the complaint, she was no longer around. It was a bad experience for me but it didn't discourage me to buy again from ebay. I just got more careful.