do you think that your mother cares for you or for your elder brother????

April 14, 2008 11:05am CST
i always see my mother & my father taking side of my elder brother even if my brother is wrong by scolding me & hiding his mistakes.So do you think that you parents do not care for you Also give me the solutionsfor it!!!!
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• India
14 Apr 08
not at all dear. parents love all their children equally no matter what. i would never believe one child is favoured more than the other. is your younger to you as that could be the reason why he is pampered a bit. well all i could suggest is get this block out of your mind, you could speak openly to your parents if you wish to or else dont take it too hard
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
hello there, i can somewhat relate to your situation since; when i was a teenager my parents also defends my older sister. i have an older sister and a younger brother. i once felt what you feel, that my parents dont care for me because they always scold me even if it wasnt my fault. though sometimes it is my fault, but sometimes its my older sister or younger brothers fault. it really gets into my nerves that sometimes, they make me apologize to my older sister for what happened even though it wasnt my fault. my father would say "its a hierarchy, shes older than you. even if it was her fault say sorry because you are younger and she is older than you." when my father would say those things it would get me so mad that i would just be by myself and not talk to them. and that would make my father more upset towards me. but this isnt the solution. the best way to clear your name is to look calm and talk in a soft calm voice, so they may know that you are trying to explain what has happened. ask your parents why they choose to be on your brothers side and not on yours. and try talking to your older brother about it. still in a soft calm voice, you should also explain to your parents that they should listen to what you have to say so that you wouldnt feel that your parents dont care for you. now that im a lil bit grown up [i think] since i have confronted my father about the situation when we were in another fight with my sister once, the problem is solved. my father listens and doesnt pick my sisters side unless he has to. i hope my information would help you in your situation