What do you see when you go outside.

April 14, 2008 12:04pm CST
I live in the central part of Burnaby in British Columbia; Canada. My house is a 4 year old 30 storey Strata high rise complex with 9 townhouses facing the main street. I am the resident caretaker of this site, and I'm proud of it. The yard is landscaped with various flowers and trees that conform with the neighbouring area. As is the case with most of the sites here in the Greater Vancouver area. With the great amount of rain that falls here, the lawns and plants survive quite well. Right now the spring Tulips and Daffodils are in full bloom as well as the Flowering Cherry Trees that adorn the paths and driveway.There is a multitude of various plants and trees on this property, too many to discuss in this writing. It is my hope in this discussion to find out from others what it is like where you live, and the outdoors in your neighborhood.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
14 Apr 08
I moved to the Sacramento area from Los Angeles 2 1/2 years ago. We were happy to be able to buy a house with a view, something we never could afford in LA. Anyway, except for the house next door, we pretty much have a 360 degree view of rolling hills, some houses and business areas. We're still working on the landscaping but we do have some flowers. But the view is just wonderful!
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@ClaireN (13)
• France
15 Apr 08
I live in an apartment block in the outskirts of a pretty lively town. It's a glorious view out of the window at the moment. To start with the blossom is coming out, and against the fresh young leaves its gorgeous. Behind the trees we have a view over the botanical garden & greenhouse to the mountains. There's been a lot of rain here recently so everything looks full of life. In a couple of months the temperature will go right up and all the plants, trees and grass will start dying.
@MGjhaud (20899)
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
I live in the heart of the city. When I go out in my apartment, there's a small inn that has a foreign design. There also lots of small stores but the convenience store which is the only 24hour shop open is the most okay place. There's no much beautiful buildings around. My building is beside the street so I tend consider vehicles passing by as one of the interesting thing about my place.