Youtube video stealers

April 14, 2008 2:10pm CST
Ok, so last year I made a video montage and was so excited about showing everyone that I forgot to add my youtube name to the end to claim it. It was an instant success and so I decided it was too late to remove it and re-upload. My account mysteriously got deleted at the start of this year so I quickly uploaded it again to stop others from being able to and claiming it, with my upload date being proof of it being my own, plus my reputation and activity on forums of which my video is popular with its forumees. Now last year, someone did steal the video but kindly made it very clear that I was the one that made it. I left them alone because of it. However, this year, a girl in Italy has stolen it, uploaded it and claimed it as her own. Many comments are on my side saying they know for a fact the video was created by me and that they are reporting her. Yet the video still hasn't been removed and I have lost all trust of my work being uploaded again without my name all over it. But truthfully, anyone could just stick a big fat tag on a video. Its a shame. Has anyone else ever had a creation copied or stolen?
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• Hyderabad, India
14 Apr 08
It happens buddy, virtually every day some one or other tries to copy the contents or code of a website, an erp, software etc. It just happens actually bill gates is also trying to stop that piracy. This is the world problem there is nothing much you can do but fight against it. Try putting your name or your signature in the video. Fight.
14 Apr 08
That is something I usually do and is on all my other videos. Unfortunately it is too late to change my mistakes on this one, as it would let the stealers win. All that can keep my copyright on it at the moment is the date I uploaded it.
• Belgium
14 Apr 08
plz don't rate me down for this! But u do know some people (like me)(haven't done it though just not intrested in it) are able to get it from youtube just get your name off it! and put it back on youtube with our own name! I am just able to do that! Just never have done that! I have done that to movies i got from tv whith that nasty symbol sometimes like eg in the right corner! =D
14 Apr 08
Don't worry, I'm not going to down rate you. I understand fully what you mean. Its quite upsetting as a montage can take hours to create and filling it with tags can be horrible to view. To get the success on the site and stop it from being stolen is really hard. I can;t see why someone should do it though, really. Especially the girl who still said it was mine .Whats the point in re-uploading a video already up? No wonder the internet is running out of space.
@sophialin (2678)
• China
20 Apr 08
speaking with a little shame,i often download videos from internet and pay no attention to the original creator.while i never upload them to forums in the name of mine.i just download for memory myself. i'm sorry to hear your experience.i think you should take care next time and never forget to mark your name on the video as a claim.after all,there are so many cheats and stealers on internet.