Did you REALLY think they used's snake's tongue?

@imsilver (1668)
April 14, 2008 4:01pm CST
Back in the olden times (that's how my daughter words is - usually followed by the words - when you were born - LOL); when witches, midwives, healers were persecuted for their practises, they developed a code to keep their secrets hidden. I'm not sure why but they made their remedies sound alot scarier than they actually were. Here's a quick and very incomplete list but you'll see what I mean. dead man: an ash or mandrake root roughly human shaped snake's tongue: plantain bat's wing: holly leaf blood: elder sap bloody fingers: foxglove flowers dragon's scales: bistort leaves ear of an donkey: comfrey ear of a goat: st. john's wort hair: maidenhair fern heart: walnut lion's tooth: dandelion snake's blood: hernatite stone tooth or teeth: pinecones worms: thin roots of a tree If you know of any more I'd love to hear them.
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