Do you chat online or no?

United States
April 14, 2008 7:42pm CST
I know many people do chat online,but I usually don't and if I do its only to family and close friends that I actually know personally. I used to chat online,but I have learned not to anymore,So do you what online and if not why?
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@jason_co (408)
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
Yah I agree with you. It is only gonna be a waste of time to find a friend and chat with them. I have some friends from the other country and I used chatting to communicate with them. This is the only communication by which it is free. Except for the fact that you have to pay for your internet connection. Hehehe.
• Malaysia
18 Apr 08
i do chat online using IMs but it's only with my friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues. i dont chat in chatrooms with strangers ;)
@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
17 Apr 08
Hello there sassysammy, I used to chat a whole lot last time and was pretty active for the gatherings and stuff like that. But after this particular incident whereby this guy and me "fought" and that's all because of a misunderstanding. His girlfriend and him knew each other online and they dated for a few months before I came to this particular chat system and made friends with everyone. I didn't know that his girlfriend had "feelings" for me and I just chatted (PM too) as per normal. And for gatherings, she was friendlier than normal, but I just took it as normal too. What I didn't know was that her boyfriend was very furious and she told him that she had feelings for me and wouldn't mind if I were to date her, she would leave the guy. That made the guy furious and he confronted me. I had to stand for my rights, of course and said that I didn't have any intentions whatsoever to "steal" her from him, and it's not my fault if she made that kind of comments. After this bitter incident, I didn't go for chat gatherings anymore and slowly, I stopped going for chatting online too. Now, I'm more into social forums such as mylot, and blogging on my blogspot and being active on my multiply site and also friendster. I prefer it this way, it's more better. Have a nice day there. ;)
@rombi001 (943)
16 Apr 08
yeh, I like chatting online, but not to people I don't know... usually my friends or family... I don't really like mirc where you talk to strangers...Thats a bit freaky... especially if they want to meet up... you don't know what to expect
• China
16 Apr 08
I chat online.When I was in junior high shchool,I started to chat online and used QQ which is a popular software to chat in china . Just beginning,i only chat with my friends and familys. Now i will chat with people abroad so that i can improve my english.
@smlaw88 (39)
• United States
15 Apr 08
I chat online. Typically to whom i know or at least acquainted with. Only strangers i speak to online are once i run across and appoarch myself!..