Does Hypnotism really Exist?

April 14, 2008 11:24pm CST
Many say Hypnotism is a art that can make human half senseless when he will tell the truth. Some times i've heard magician uses hypnotism to perform their art. And in some movies ..... A hypnotist villain! Does it really exist? What's the mechanism?
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• India
15 Apr 08
Hypnosis is a temporary condition of altered attention in an individual. Hypnotism is the scientific and clinical use of hypnosis. Hypnosis is the natural part of human behaviour that affects the psychological, social and physical experiences. the effects of hypnotism depend on the willingness and motivation of the person being hypnotised. 25% of the people can be easily hypnotized while most just wont allow it. the hypnotizable people are those that get totally caught up in what they are doing and can shut down everything else going on around them. those who practise meditation also find it easier to enter hypnosis simply because they are used to the concentrative state. hynosis is usually misunderstood as a form of sleep however it has nothing to do with sleep. it involves a more active and intense mental concentration. hypnotized people can talk, write and walk about. they are fully aware of what is said and done. during this altered state people experience different levels of awareness, conciousness, imagination, memory, reasoning or become more responsive to suggestions. it is this altered state that is used in clical therapies. if u ask for a personal experience, hypnotism did not work on me.
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• Bangladesh
17 Apr 08
Thanks. That's what i wanted to know