why smoke?

April 15, 2008 3:40am CST
to smoking people... why do you smoke even though you know that its bad for your health and the health of the people around you... the smell is stinks too... is it to reduce the tension, to get warm while in the cold temperature (rain), just for fun, or just for you to be seen as a macho person... p/s: for both men and women.
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@alexigne (903)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
I was also a smoker during teenage days. On the first attempt, i just do that because i try to stop my ex boyfriend for smoking but i can't. Then i stop because i'm not a smoker. When i get into trials of my life, that was the real time that i start smoking. Until college days, i feel calm while smoking. It help me to stress out. I try to stop but i can't especially when my friends and teacher are smoking too. But when i go back to my mother's house. That was the time that i start to quit. They say that its hard but i've found that all i need is self confidence to stop. Exercise and go to the gym help me a lot. I don't see any good benefits from smoking but hazard to my health.
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• Southend-On-Sea, England
13 Jul 11
Smokers do know how bad and unpleasant it is, but sadly it is a very powerful addiction - it's even been medically stated that it's more addictive than heroin - and the withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop are utter hell, to the point where only a few manage to go through them and successfully quit. The fact that we know how dirty and dangerous smoking is, yet we still continue, goes to show just how strong the addiction is - we all want to stop, but just can't. Some of us who are older, began smoking at a time when it wasn't a big deal, and was something which most people did without even thinking about it. Thus, we became hooked on it, then society's attitude towards smoking changed to such a point that it's now considered not only dangerous, but socially unacceptable - yet some of us are caught up in the net of addiction so far that we can't extricate ourselves from it.