April 15, 2008 10:52am CST
used to read the novels while the exams were on head and also taken an exam without reviewing the subject and failed in the same exam
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@sd_abot (177)
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
I also have experienced that. When I am taking final exams when I am in elementary. Hehehe... I would take easy on it but when the day comes, OMG I don't know where to get the answers. I was mental block.
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@AKRao24 (19577)
• India
15 Apr 08
I am vet working for a Stud Farm in my late forties now. It requires lot of hard work and dedication during our student life to complete the course of Veterinary science. We always used to be under constant pressure and lot of tensions as we were to appear some 42 examinations per semisters and every exam used to have weightage. So some times to get rid of this tensions I used to go to any movie where I used to get myself totally engrossed in the movie to give a break to my brain. And believe me this worked for me and I was a merit student in my class. Regarding going to examination without preparation,it only happened with me once when I was to appear for my final examinations in my final semister. I had my Applied surgery paper next day and myself being the night bird I always used to study during night hours. So I had just a night's time and unfortunately I caught common cold and stuffy nose. As a part of treatment without realising the fact that I may go to sleep I have taken a tablet of Avil which made me to sleep nicely through out the night . I woke up only in the morning at 6.00 to find that I hadn't touched even a single page of my notes. But without any hesitation I went to examination hall and to my surprise the paper was very easy and I passed out in the subject in flying colors! This was possibly because the subject was applied surgery which requires through understanding of subject and one's imagination, which was possibly I was efficient with. Had the subject been the one which required a lot of mugging then I would have been definitely be in soup. Well friend this ws a nice discussion and I enjoyed a lot in participating in it and believe me for few minutes I was very nostalgic and was in my past!! Thanks for helping me recalling my sweet student hood! All the best !