What's your day like?

United States
April 15, 2008 11:22am CST
I'm conducting a survey, I would love to "hear" other homeschoolers' responses. Can you give me a basic sample of what a typical day is like in your home school? I understand that each day can be very different than the last, but I'm talking, typical. Now can you share what outside activities your children participate in? Things like ballet, gymnastics, 4H, youth group, missions trips, etc...anything outside your home where your child must "socialize" with their peers. Do you know any home schooled teens who are currently attending college? Even one class at a time? Do you know any home-schooled teens participating in apprenticeship type programs or on the job training, or volunteer service in a career oriented trade? Have you always home schooled your children, or did you pull them out of a traditional school? If you pulled them out, can you share why you chose to? If your children are already grown, could you answer these questions in past tense, and share about your adult child? If you were a home schooled child at one time, could you answer these questions about yourself in past tense? Thank you so much for your responses. I am working on a research paper for school, since I am entering the education field and am a home schooling mom, I thought this topic would be a great one. I would like to include some responses in my final report, so if you would not like your answer to be published in this paper, please let me know, and I will only include you in the nameless data results.
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