What's up with that?!?

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April 15, 2008 1:17pm CST
Off and on for the past few months I've been the NYC apartment listing w/ real estate companies online. I live in an okay bldg. in an over hyped, tony part of Manhattan. I've never like the vibe within my habitat ever since I moved in w/ my now late hubby [it was prostate cancer if you want to know] whom had already been living here for 10 years. Anyway, I can't move until I earn enough to roll out. But I digress. So I'm checking out these flats online and do you know what more than 50% of them have listed within the details? No dogs over 10 or 15 pounds! WTF!!! Are they serious?!? That's insane. Now I can almost understand that if the place that is up for rent or sale is just a room or a pill box sized studio. That I can let slide. But it makes absolutely no sense for a one bed room or more apartment. What if the person already has a K9 that is larger than that, or has an obese cat or has 3 twelve pound dogs? Are they gonna tell the person no or request that they get rid of the pet(s)? If I had a dog or two I'd never dump them. These people need to go screw! Then I called one of these R.E. place that advertises online and brought this up to them. I never got a str8 answer. The broker basically said this was due to the mess that the larger animal creates and the noise. Hmmmm. First of all, i don't personally know of anyone that permits their Airedale mix or Labradoodle to take a huge dump in their apt. or the bldg. lobby on a daily basis. And this city has a pooper scooper law. And any mess that might be created is gathered up by the owner and trashed. DUH. What about people that have service worker dogs? They are a necessity to that individual. And regarding the noise? Adults make noise. Stereos, vacuums and televisions make noise. I don't have any but having been one and heard them, CHILDREN make a hell of a lot of noise! And they make a mess too. And those crumbsnatchers get bigger than 15Lbs. and there's usually 2 or three; not counting the random sleepovers. What about that? The broker went silent & had no rebuttal. So everyone out there with a dog, especially a big one, hug 'em & love 'em all the more. If you live in a house or an apt. bldg. that permits dogs regardless of their weight, count ur blessings. But if you have a big pooch, and you're apt. hunting, don't ditch him/ her/ them. Just tell the powers that be, "He's not heavy, he's my best friend." 8^D Dogs Rule & Brokers/ landlords suck... I mean Drool. Toodles♣
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@Samanthavv (1386)
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10 Jul 08
Well, you have to understand things from your landlord's point of view. They have to protect their investment. They can't have all these animals in their buildings, making messes and getting fur and dander everywhere that can get blown all through the building, you know?