Your discussion responses and best answers..

April 15, 2008 6:47pm CST
When you've started a discussion, do you rate every answer you get with a + or - ? If you do rate every response, is there a particular reason for you doing so~? Also, do you choose a best response every time you make a discussion? How long do you leave it before you click on the best response you receive? And why do you do it like this?... Id love to hear how everyone goes about this part of the mylot forums, and what your reasons are behind doing so. Im really grateful for any responses.. and of course i will rate positively anyone who takes the time to answer my questions here. Take care everybody. xxxxxxx
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@98765m (1019)
• India
17 Apr 08
Well,if I start a discussion,I rate almost all of my discussions with '+'. I avoid rating any one negative. No body can satisfy every one.No body can tell some thing without some one disapproving of it. What ever one says go through the following: #First,it is ridiculed and viewed with skepticism. #It is then opposed #Finally,it is accepted as the universal truth Cheers! Have a nice day Happy mylotting.
18 Apr 08
Thats a very good observation, and unfortunately true. Its great that you think the same way as i do about the feedback system ~ its nice to see others who appreciate polite responses as much as i do. xxx
@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
I do rate all the responses with a +. At least they have given their opinion about it. Of course not everybody will agree but everyone is respected with their opinion. I leave my discussions for a day before selecting the best response. So whenever you respond to my discussions, as long as you don't make some below-the-belt tirade, you will expect a + rating. You can start now
16 Apr 08
This is exactly how i feel about it, i always leave peeps a + that have taken the time to respond to my posts.. unless they're really rude or something, which thankfully hasnt happened yet at all here on mylot. I think its only faor when they've taken the time to answer me. As for the Best Answers though, i leave mine a little longer, sometimes even 7 days, but i will always choose a best answer.. xxxx
• Hong Kong
19 Apr 08
Yes I rate everything in my discussions. I think people take time to respond to my discussions and it would be good for me to reward their time with rating. I do choose a best response but I would wait after like a month or so, unless I see outstanding response right away.