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April 15, 2008 7:14pm CST
This is going to be a long post. I wrote this article for Helium about a dream that I had. I guess I was thinking about what this dream means. Does it have any meaning at all, other than it was just a really good dream. It was so vivid, I felt like I was actually living it when I was sleeping it was weird. So here it is and please tell me what you think it could mean. If you want to take a guess... I'm not one to remember my dreams. I remember very few when I arise in the morning. A vivid dream can send your 5 senses into a tailspin even while sleeping. This reminds me that the mind is the most powerful entity in the human body. There was a day not long ago; I was talking with a friend about Aix-en-Provence, France. After hearing about how beautiful and romantic it was, it sparked a dream that I will carry with me always. Exhausted from a hectic day, I laid my head on my fluffy down pillow and woke up in a Lavender field. I rose from the ground and was surrounded by perfect purple Lavender plants as far as I could see. My short brown hair right before my eyes grew into a long flowing mane of perfect blonde streaked brunette hair. I looked like I'd just stepped out of a Shampoo commercial. The scent of Lavender permeated my nostrils and enveloped me in silent comfort. Still I was stuck in a Lavender maze nothing in sight. I wandered on aimlessly, the bright French sun shining in a brilliant blue sky blinding me. I figured I was stuck in this field forever, until out of nowhere came a 3 foot man named Henri'. Henri' was dressed in stereotypical French fashion, beret, black and white striped shirt, red scarf, the whole shot. He called me by name and said he had some gifts. Gifts? Now we're talking. He handed me a pair of Hermes' sunglasses that looked like Jackie O's. and an old fashioned crystal perfume bottle filled with Lavender perfume. He told me to spray it and I would get to where I was going. But where was I going? I had no idea where I was. So I squeezed the pink bulb attached to the bottle and doused myself in the perfume. Some invisible power lifted me up and jetted me through the sky and out of the field, a purple blur below me, my fabulous hair blowing in the breeze. Like Super girl, I landed on two feet on a tree lined street bustling with people. Above me was a sign that said Welcome to Aix-en-Provence. I started to walk down the street and came across an old woman handing out Provencal patterned scarves of all colors. I chose a pink scarf and tied my hair back out of my eyes. I sauntered down the street watching people rush past me while I just seemed lost. In the distance, I could hear Van Morrison playing Astral Weeks. So I decided to let the sound of my favorite song guide me to where I was going. After a short walk, I ended up staring right into the face of Van Morrison who was a street musician. I reached in my pocket and flipped an unknown coin in his beat up guitar case and when I turned around, there he was. I looked up into the piercing blue eyes of my soul. I didn't know his name. I just knew that he was a kind soul and I put my hand in his and off we went. We walked for what seemed like hours passing by century old fountains, admiring the beauty of the architecture, and stopped at an outdoor caf to have some wine and watch passers by. The burnt orange sun turned to a dark purple starry sky in Aix as the man and I sat. We drank cheap French wine and dined on Brie and fruit discussing everything from Philosophy to Music. It was so comfortable and natural, nothing forced in the conversation. By the time we got up to leave the cafe', our heads spinning from the wine, I didn't feel lost anymore. I felt like I had found the home I was looking for. This man was what I had been searching for my whole day in Aix. The stars in the sky were like flashlights beaming down us as we stood by a fountain that we had seen on our initial walk to the caf. He pulled me close, both of our hearts racing, our eyes met, our lips were closer than close, as we leaned in for a long awaited kiss that never came thanks to the annoying buzzing of my alarm. So what do you guys think...what could it mean? Thanks for taking the time to read this one!
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16 Apr 08
hi skinnychick... i think its quite a wonderful dream you had... try visiting www.dreammoods.com for interpretation... ^_^
• United States
16 Apr 08
Thanks so much for the link!! I will check it out.
9 Mar 10
I know this post is two years old but you may want to check out the auntyflo dream dictionary at http://www.auntyflo.com