My15 year old brother got in trouble today at school for pot.....

United States
April 15, 2008 8:03pm CST
Ok this is a subject im sure might gt a lt of attention Im not totally sure but Im guessing since POT was in the subject people are gunna read this. Iam 25 years old and I support Marijauna I dnt choose to smoke it at this point in my life (only cause its illegal) but I would if it wasnt. BUT today my 15 year old brother got caught at school with pot. Now As soon as I found out I called him and I told him that I was VERY disapointed (and I think tht probly hurt more then getting in trouble by my mom cause Me and my brother are very close) I asked him whythe hell he had pot at school, He said it was because he didnt want my mom to find it. He says he wasnt high at school I do belive him cause he will tell me things that he wont tell my mom or my sister. he said he didnt want my mom to find it. Ok I guess im wondering what to do. What can I say to him about weed that doesnt mkae it ok for him to have done what he did but knowing that I do support marijauna. I know there are going to be some of you who do support it and some of you who dont but be ice about it eather way I dont need people being mean to me because I support something that should be legal for many many reasons and was made illegal because of prejeduce.and im going to include a link on the history of marijauna so those of you who dont belive me about that can read it for them selves, I also tells how people in THIS counrty used to be put in prison for NOT growig hemp. anyways I just dont know, Or cant think of "the right thing" to say, so I thought that maybe someone on here could give me some ideas and then once talk to him I can le you know if you helped me out or not lol. thanks and heres that link
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