US "war on drugs" unconstitutional?

@irdsm1 (288)
United States
April 15, 2008 8:56pm CST
I've decided recently that I believe the US "war on drugs" is illegal and unconstitutional. It is not up to the US government to decide what their citizens consume. At the very most it is a state issue, not a national issue. Consuming recreational drugs should be legal. Not only has this prohibition broken our rights as citizens, but it has made recreational drugs a dangerous and popular market. Much like how the alcohol prohibition of the 1920's actually increased crime. If recreational drugs were legal they would likely be used less, and they could be regulated to make them safer to consume (like making sure they aren't cut with arsenic). The gangs, crime, and violence surrounding illegal drugs would not exist if it were legal. All in all the war on drugs has made drugs more popular and more dangerous at the same time. I'd like to note that I do not encourage drug use as it is a dangerous practice, I just believe it should be legal. What are your views on it? Feel free to expand upon the topic and include the legality of various other drugs today (alcohol, nicotine, caffiene) Dan
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• Canada
21 May 08
I'd have to say that it probably is against your constitution, considering how racially biased the convictions are. It's also a GIANT waste of time, money and resources and will continue to be so. I also resent the fact that the DEA is trying to put a Canadian(Marc Emery) in prison just for selling cannabis seeds! I guess he just makes them look bad! Canadian law enforcement has never considered him to be any threat to anyone and it should be OUR law enforcement that takes care of him. Check this website out: