Nerd and Geek

April 15, 2008 9:01pm CST
Do you think a student who just cares about her study is a so-called "nerd and geek".At least I think so.I just know a person of this kind.She just knows to study and study.Every day she does nothing more than learning.And she just reads the textbooks which we are having classes on.Oh, also she care for nobody.Besides,she does never attend any social activities.What a crazy girl!She is the most deligent person I have ever met.And she even doesn't want to sleep.She comes home late every day at night but gets up early every morning to study.And the whole day she is staying at the library to just study.The most of her time is spent in learning.I just think she is a freak.What a odd person.Sometimes she even doesn't feel like having a bath just to save time to study.She must be mad.And I don't mean that she should not be deligent.But she is so selfish that she doesn't think about anybody and anything esle other than study.Do you like a person like this?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
By your description I think she's more of a nerd than a geek because 'geeks' have a field of mastery like chess or Star Wars. Nerds on the other hand just loves to learn and therefore knows a lot more than an average person does. Do I like a person like this? Well it really depend on how you interact with one another. Maybe if I love to study too and am a nerd we might be the best of friends. Have you thought that maybe she has a personal problem that her way of refuge is to study? Maybe she just needs someone to reach out to her and accept her the way she is or maybe help her be more open to the people around her.