No Man Is An Island

April 16, 2008 5:34am CST
is it possible to live alone and be isolate from other people?
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@Remando (177)
18 Apr 08
Sometimes I revel in the idea that I can live alone, forever. I dream of a nice isolated hut on a nice beach somewhere sunny, and in this dream I grow my own food and make my own clothes, keep chickens and have a cow called Bertie. I think I;ve been let down by a lot of people and so the idea of never being open to any vulnerability really appeals. But then I think of my family and a few friends and realise I could never live a life without seeing them. It's a great thought to indulge in now and then, though.
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
18 Apr 08
no one can stay long alone. Even Adam felt lonely when he is alone that is why God made Eve for him. I saw the movie "Cast Away". i observe that living alone is very difficult specially in the island. from the movie i can conclude that no man is an island.
@cross10 (506)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 08
of course its possible, anything in this world is possible if we try hard and believe in ourself
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
i think its not possible at all..even if you think you're alone theres one thing for sure can be with you just trust him and you will never walk alone with faith in "GOD" ..okay...with him everything is absolutely alright..!!