Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

April 16, 2008 5:48am CST
What I love most: War Scenes What I really hated: all the soldiers outfit (armour, helmet and flag) Despite so many negative reviews. I still went to watch it as I wish to judge it myself. A hardcore fan three kingdoms expectations of the movie relatively high. Starring Zhao Zilong (Andy Lau) join Liu Bei's Army as recruits? How come? And there is a Luo Ping An, who is he? Just another friction character like cao ying. Worst thing is the brotherhood of Zhao Yun and Luo Ping An. If I didn't remember wrongly, Zhao Yun only become sworn brother of Zhao Fan and no one else. Luo Ping An is more like an extra in the movie. Some more when Liu Bei see Zhao Yun, he didn't recognized him. In the three kingdom history, Liu Bei already who Zhao Yun since his time when gongsun zan. Vanessa Wu as guan ping, his scene last for few minutes even lesser that guan yu and zhang fei. The scene of zhao yun saving ah dou is the only scene following the three kingdom history but somehow still have some changes like liu bei's wife is already dead. Zhao yun fought off all wei soldiers with valour. some how, he managed to attack cao cao and snatched his sword which is totally untrue. The truth is Zhao Yun got the sword trough killing xiahou en (Cao Cao give the sword to Xiahou en) What makes me confused is when did deng zhi got three brother? zhao yun should already have zhao tong and zhao guang in his old age. But I didn't see them in the movie. Being left out? As a summary. the whole movie is disappointing for hardcore fans of three kingdoms like me. Hopefully in June the Red Cliff will be the better one. Keep posting, Mickey
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