Change myself

April 16, 2008 6:02am CST
I'm a very sensitive and aggressive mom of two kids. I'm always agitated for simple things and wanted to change my attitude badly. Any help from any of you?
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@yoj118 (329)
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
hi sindhu...I'm also a mom like you, I got two kids ages 3 and you know exactly how they are like..playful, very active and naughty... sometimes I do feel tired and burdened because of their attitudes and tantrums.. I don't want to get angry but I know it's not possible..but hey!! these are just kids..and kids just want to have fun.. so I always try to remember that on my mind..Control your temper!!! that's I always say to myself... When I think I'm cool already then I could start talking to them in a serious but nice and calm manner, and I know they understand me because they will stop from being naughty and sometimes will say sorry mama and then kiss me.. When they do that I felt relieved and I know I have done something good and right...i appreciate it.. moms like us need to be patient with our kids..let's enjoy our time with them and have fun.. it's worth it..
@madlees (1381)
• India
16 Apr 08
Dear Sindhu, Why is it like that Sindhu? why should you get agitated and tensed up for simple things. You yourself know that you are wrong. That is the first step. You'll learn slowly. You have to place where you get upset and why you get upset.If it is stress, then only meditation can help you. You have to meditate daily in the morning and in the night before you go to bed. Just think about the reasons for your agitation. You'll get them after some days. Try to change your moods accordingly. If you like you can addme as a friend and let me know.