More like breeding for profit

@us2owls (1681)
United States
April 16, 2008 6:55am CST
Earlier this year a nine year old girl was reported missing by her mother. Shannon Matthews had reportedly gone missing on her way home from a school swimming class. The child was missing for 24 days and was found in the base of a divan bed about a mile from her home. The search for her was one of the biggest ever - if not the biggest undertaken by British Police and one of the most costly. Neighbours rallied to help look for the child and rewards were offered by the Sun newspaper - the reward at the time the child was found was £50,000. Shannons 32 year old mother Karen Matthews and her 22 year old partner were on TV almost every day. This mother had 7 children a couple of which lived with their fathers rather than her. The oldest of the kids was 11. It now seems to appear this entire "abduction" was a scam in order for this dead beat mother to get money. Shannon is at present in foster care and still being questioned by police. The child was found at the home of an uncle if Craig Meehan - the partner of Karen Matthews. Craig Meehan was arrested after police found downloaded child pron on the computers he and Karen Matthews had. It came out that Karen Matthews claimed she was a single mother, living alone and caring for her children. Because of this she was drawing £400 ($753) a week in benefits even though she was living with Meehan who worked in a supermarket as a fishmonger and was making £16,000 a year. Since Shannon has been found Meehans Mother & sisters have been taken in for questioning - one of the sisters who lived next door to Matthews and her working husband have been arrested for benefit fraud. I hope they lock these people up and throw away the key. Karen Matthews should be put in hard labour and made to earn money - not to support her 60 plus a day cigarette habit - but to pay back to the government what it cost to look for a child that her Mother has now been charged with abducting - and to pay back what she wrongfully took in benefits. this woman bred like a rabbit - all for money. The kids weren;t cared for - she spent her days sitting in front of the TV smoking. No wonder little Shannon had expressed the desire to go live with her natural father before all this happened.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
21 Apr 08
This is so sad , but what to do humans are the ugliest being in the whole world , we could do all the ugliest thing in the world yea .
• United States
16 Apr 08
This is absolutely disgusting. Her and her husband/live in, should be put behind bars for a very long time. And she should definitely lose custody of every one of her children. I don't earn that much money in a month, let alone a week, but I managed to care for two children alone and never abused them or mistreated them in any way. I hope she has to pay back every penny she got for those children and they lock her away and throw away the key.
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
Poor child. I hope she didn't get traumatized by all this. People like that mother do not deserve to be parents. I don't understand why they would use their kids just to earn easy money. With all the disgraceful acts committed by humanity today, it seems that we have lost the rights to be even called human. If humans are defined by reason and many human beings are actually committing irrational/unreasonable acts, maybe it's time to change the definition. We're worse off than monkeys... :(