Make Yourself Aware: Loosing Weight

@healwell (1268)
Ahmedabad, India
April 16, 2008 11:11am CST
Are you very much behind the weight loosing advices? Are you clicking all the emails, which have some thing related with loosing weight? Are you crazy about weight? If you have YES to all the three questions then make yourself aware about few very important things regarding your weight and reducing it! 1. If your weight is genetically donated then don't rush for reducing it, because it is genetically programmed and to reach there and make little change will be needed much more deep work with body, tissues, nervous system; than any weight loosing program and advice! 2. Your overall body structure and its formation is masculine then also please, don't make yourself crazy for weight loosing. You need to understand your masculine system first then you can arrange/ ask for any weight loosing program/ advice! 3. The length of your legs are equal or less than your upper body part then also you need not to rush for immediate weight loss, because it will affect you badly regarding your body gesture and posture. Some time it makes body little ugly! Here upper part means up to shoulder, don't include head! 4. If you have soft bones, means naturally more elastic and easily crack typed; then you must not consider weight loss as your prime thing before understanding your bones and its pattern! At the same you will need some kind of bone treatment to make those little hard and stuff! 5. Any member of your family had has Parkinson or Alzheimer disease and it is related with family pattern also; then you need not follow all the so called weight loss program or advice! Rather after following such you will have much more issues related with bones, tissue breaking as well as tiredness! Well, this is not advice: This is just to make you little aware about weight loosing concept and our own body type and pattern of our body!
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@Bizziebod (3526)
3 May 08
Thanks for posting this it is helpful to me, especially as I've been told to lose weight by the doctor, I shall certainly take some of your pointers into account!
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