How many types of THINKING are there ?

@p_vadla (1687)
April 16, 2008 12:48pm CST
..and what is your type..mine is a bit obsessive.
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@klaudyou (501)
16 Apr 08
There are too many points of view or criteria to classify "types of thinking"...I will talk about what I think is the most important. There are two main types or ways of thinking: inductive and deductive. Just to give a tagline, the indusctive thinking is the mathematical one, and deductive is the artistic or the social one. Inductive thinking is going from the particular to general, like when the daisies smell good, the roses smell good, the hyacinths smeel good, then we conclude that all the flowers smell good...We can easily see that this type of thinking is based on a certain probability. Deductive thinking is going from the general to the particular, like in the pure logic: I like eating fruits, apples are fruits, then I like eating apples...there probability here is full, this conclusion is certain and necessary...This is called a logically valid inference (an aristotelic sylogism). Deductive thinking is the predilect of science, since if you know the full table of rules of multiplying, then you know that 5 times 6 is necessarily 30 and nothing else...Examples are numerous! It's preferable to think deductively, since it's the correct and doubtless way to conclude things from given premises...but we can easily see around us that things are not only white or black, there is a lot of grey, so inductive thinking is the only way the conclusions we make about the universe we live in: there is nothing scientifical in this, although astrology is a science...but we make conclusions from the planets we see, and the solar system we're part of (particular) about the whole universe, and about its origins...and our conclusions made this way have proven false so many times...but it's the only way to think here, isn't it? Well...I guess I took to much space here "thinking"...sorry for the dimensions of my reply!
@p_vadla (1687)
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17 Apr 08
Thank you for making a THINKOPEDIA out of your reply
• China
18 Apr 08
How to become a thinker?When typing here?Or whenever you give your thought to something happened?Or just a philosopher can go to that height?Who can have the most authority to survivor in this star?