Spring has arrived people!!..............................................

United States
April 16, 2008 2:14pm CST
Hello world and how is everyone doing? I tell you, I just loooooooooooooooooooove this weather so much. Is it gorgeous where you are now? Today I went to visit my son at school today (but he had no idea I was coming) because his Math teacher called and said that he was acting up a bit. When I arrived though, he was behaving well, even went up to the black board to put a math problem up and did that well. His teacher said that he is behaving perfect today and that she wish he could continue it. He has up and down days so I guess today was on the up side. After talking with him and telling him to keep up the good work, I went to pick up some lunch ( a grilled chicken salad) and walked back to work. It was the perfect day to take a nice walk too. Have you had to go to your child's school for behavioral reasons? Let me know, thanx
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@Elixiress (3893)
16 Apr 08
I love Spring, because it means that Summer is on the way. I love the weather, but hate the hayfever. I can't wait until the nice weather actually begins, suns and no wind or rain.