Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris

United States
April 16, 2008 7:44pm CST
Who do you think would win in a fight Bruce lee or Chuck Norris.My moneys on Bruce Lee but I want to hear some other opinions.
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• United States
17 Apr 08
Sorry but I have to agree with you. Bruce Lee would win, hands down.
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• United States
24 Aug 08
Bruce lee will beat anybody you & yo mama , yo daddy & your whole generation , the cops the army bruce lee is MArtial arts
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
26 Apr 08
I think that between the two, Chuck Norris would win. I believe this because Chuck Norris has been skilled in the art of choreography and has exercised regularly. He has more muscle mass then Bruce Lee. As for Chuck Norris' character, he also has the spirit of the indians around him.
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@magojordan (3254)
• Philippines
7 Jul 08
You should watch this there you'll see those two fight.
@umart13 (841)
• Ireland
7 Jul 08
I did see one film where Chuck Norris fought David Carradine, aka Kung Fu. "Lone Wolf McQuade 1983." That is probably as close as you can get to putting Chuck Norris up against Bruce Lee, as the Kung Fu character was Lee's concept. Regards UMart
• Canada
22 Jun 08
bruce lee and chuck norris did have a sparring match bruce lee won 3 out of 5. but u have to know that chuck is much bigger than bruce, even tho bruce is more agile chuck has raw power. when they made that movie in italy or rome, i think it was return of the dragon.