If you want to sleep in working hours,you can try this ten means(1)

April 17, 2008 2:29am CST
In spring,somebody always feels very tired in working hours ,even if yesterday you went to bed very early.That is natural. So I will introduce ten means to help you. No.1 drink tea or coffee This things always useful for your tire sine befor from now.and you must leave your seat,walk to drinking trough...I think you can wake up. No.2 smell the try flowers or the other spices the beautiful smell is aslo useful for you,it is make your head is clear. No.3 modulate the temperature If you are so cold,I think you don't want to sleep.but you must look good after yourslef,don't have a cold. No.4 do sport do sport is a very resultful way to wake up.and you must advert ,don't do it too longer time.or else your boss will not be happy. No.5 go to the washroom If you can't bear to want to sleep,you can go to the washroom,you can have a rest ,or you can wash your face.
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