live it up in your college

@gxnfly (1147)
April 17, 2008 2:51am CST
When I was at the third year of high school,we had lots of homework and exams all the time.We didn't even had weekends as we need to prep for the final examinations for university. Our teachers always said to us,"you study hard now,then you won't have to suffer in college,there are so many hotties and pretties waiting for you to hit on. You don't have much homework and exams to do,just live it up in paradise!"That's holy crap!It turned out college was not what we pictured in our head, living a fun and extravagant lifestyle.We still had lots of classes and exams to take,we didn't have much time for party,we had 8 classes from Monday to Friday,even Saturday sometimes. Did you live it up in your college?Was it like how you pictured it before you went to college?
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