how do you approach a unknown girl ?

@GOSWAMY (242)
April 17, 2008 2:56am CST
How do you approach a completely unknow girl whom you fall in love at first sight ? I find that people face difficulty in introducing himself or having a conversation to a complete stranger whom you like at first sight. How do begin to talk with a unknown girl ? Do you say that "I have seen you before somewhere" or something else !!
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• India
9 Apr 10
yaar then what to do
• United States
18 Apr 08
Just walk up to her and strike a conversation. Let her know that you are interested. There is a show that Neil strauss does called " The rules of the game" It does have some insightful things on how to get a girl. The only thing that I can suggest is that you are totally honest. It is very hard to get over being shy. If you walk up to her and ask her out on a date, maybe to lunch/dinner. Try something like that. You might be able to tell her that you find her irresistible, and that you would like to get to know her better. At least then, you tried. You can be no better off than you are now. If she turns you down, heck, maybe she is not deserving of you. You will never know. Just try!
@jason_co (408)
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
I really dont know how to do that. Because I am a shy person. I havent done such a thing. And if I see a beautiful lady i just suddenly dont know what to say.