Getting back on the track!

@ozzeth (942)
April 17, 2008 3:16am CST
I am glad that my sketching habbit is getting back on the track. I have a problem before when i decided to start it again.. but i made it. I love to draw or to sketch. I can sketch my feelings, my emotions, anger, hatred, love and imaginations. Sketching help me to rid my problems. It's helping me to move on and to love my life more.. even im suffering with a messy life. So, how about you? Do you love to sketch? How you consider it?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
Hey, congratulaions on getting your groove back, so to speak. hehe Thats a really nice and creative way to vent out your emotions. I dont really know how to sketch things thats a higer level than stick and ballonn figures.^_^ At least you get to sum up all those emotions in just one picture. Not like me, I need a lot of words. Im more of the writer and typer type than a sketcher. Oh, and im an emotional eater also! With writing, I have to let the words flow, which can use up lots of pages of paper or space on my computer. Sometimes they might be incoherent to others but they make all the sense to me. You get ot work and your emotions stroke after stroke and by the time you finished your in the zone long enough to forget your bad feelings and multiply you good vibes. So keep that pencil working!^_^
@modelit (54)
18 Apr 08
glad to know that ozzeth! i love to sketch too. But i guess you are more better. Good luck and keep it up!