Divine sightings

Image of Jesus Christ  - THis picture was taken during sunset
April 17, 2008 7:38am CST
I've experienced a miracle with my own eyes..it happened in East Malaysia where one could see images of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary with a child, angels and some say they saw Noah too. THe images appear on a palm tree somewhere in a small village about 3hours drive from the city. And in between the palm tree leaves,there's one particular leaves shows a crucifix. I dont know how it happens but it is very amazing. One can even see images on the tree trunks, either through naked eye or digital cameras. what is your opinion on this fascinating sighting?
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• India
17 Apr 08
I think i saw first then i talk about it.
• Malaysia
21 Apr 08
not a bad idea haha.. but of course its hard to believe what people say unless we see it with your own eyes. And its hard to make people believe what you say too because if you are the one being told by people who believe in what they saw, i won't believe it either! haha