Why no support from friends and family?

United States
April 17, 2008 7:59am CST
I am an affiliate with TONS of different companies, many that are reputable and well-known. I even am working on an online shopping mall. All our family and friends know how our money situation is. They also know that I am doing this to help our family make some extra money since I stay home with our kids. So every so often I will send out an e-mail reminding them all what I do and what they can do to help. I explain that they can click on my links to shop and from there just do what they normally do. No signing up for anything (apparently ALL of them are against registering for anything and have made it very clear to me). They already shop at many of these websites so I am not asking them to do anything they wouldn't normally do. I also ask that if they know anyone else that shops online to forward to them. I asked one of my best friends who shops on Amazon.com a few times a month. She said stuff like, "I don't know how to do that" (I explained how easy it is and that she could just add me to her favorites for easy clicking), "I don't like signing up for things" (I reminded her that it required no signing up!), "this just seems like it would be too much work" (once again- i told her to add my link to her favorites- NOTHING else) and so many other excuses. And the part about not liking to sign up for things- I have told her about a few sites she could register at for free that I thought she would be interested in. She declined. Then a while later she says she signed up for one of those sites I told her about. I ask if she signed up through me. She says "no". I ask her why not and she starts in about complications and inconvenience again. But she had no problem signing up when she wanted to. I asked another close friend who shops on Ebay. She always says she just forgot to shop using my link. She shops there a few times a month. So I ask my sister. She shops on both ebay, amazon and a few of my others. Wonderful! Apparently she only forwards junk but doesn't read anything that her little sis writes to her. She hasn't helped yet. So far I have lost a few potential bucks. Only one person said that she does shop on some of the sites and will try very hard to remember to use my site. I believe she will. So...should I just give up trying to get support from my loved ones? I know that if one of my family or friends asked me to do it I absolutely would! I have even told some of them that complain about lack of money how they can become affiliated with these companies and I let them know that I will make sure they get credit when I shop online. None of them has done it yet. Why do the people who claim to understand and "wish there was someway they could help" refuse to help when they can??? Does this happen to other people?
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