please ,have a free hand on us ! mom?

@yingui (74)
April 17, 2008 10:08am CST
Borned in such a traditional family ,I really feel helpless about it . My parents are typical of chinese parents.They take infinit pains to creat advantagious circumstance for me and my siblings.They imagine that we could grow up without so many obstacles and setbacks with their efforts.They may edit out the hard time we are supposed to undergo if it's possible .It's equally true that they would have those unpleasant but inevitable events we are going to experience shift to their parts if it is under their control. Unfortunately ,it turns out it's not a all-purpuse solution.As we gradually come of age ,the situation gets more complexed. We inform our own viewpoint towards the world .But they still feel like to decide everything for us. Then comes the problem.We come into conflict with each other.As often as not ,i end up yieding to them.I manage to live up to their expection.In part , i have been accustomed to it .Moreover ,i haven't fully prepared myself for a change that substitute rejection for in-give. My parents' intervention spread from which university we choose to what kind of person we select as our soulmates.It goes without saying that the confliction becomes more and more drastic. The other day my mom rang me with the purpose toacquire my support on her intervention in my sister's love affair .I spare all my efforts to talk her out of this unreasonable intention.Unluckily i failed .She cut down the phone with fierce rage. I don't know what i can do about it .I just feel very sad and helpless .Have a free hand on us ,mom . We don't want to be overprocted .
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