Do you pick a girlfriend that is taller than you ???????????????????????????

@goergineo (1498)
April 17, 2008 6:49pm CST
Honestly, would you choose a girlfriend taller than you.?????. any of you have a girl friend taller than him???????
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• Malaysia
18 Apr 08
well first of all, i didn't PICK my girlfriend..we met online almost 9yrs ago haha.. but yeah she is taller than me by 8" which is about 30cm. And we're still in love until this very day. So, goergineo, it's not about her height / physical, but it's how she treats and loves you in return. I guess why you have this in mind is because you're worried and scared what others might say about you if your girlfriend is much taller than you because most of the time for couples, guys are always taller than the girls or might be of the same height. It's like a 'must'.. i do have people asking me why do have to get a girlfriend who is taller and bigger than yourself.. i'd say i don't know. What i know is i love her for who she is and not because of how she looks like. my advice is not to worry / care about what others might say because you never violated any human law which says you have to have a girlfriend shorter than yourself. Basically, ignore any negative comments about physical looks when you want someone. It doesnt mean a thing ;) Gd luck ~