Icecream is a treat!

@sun2day (1063)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
April 17, 2008 9:09pm CST
What do you guys say to that? I would say just about everyone enjoys eating icecream. What makes it so interesting, is that there are so many flavors. Some I try so eat it, but once my eyes makes contact, it gets difficult to resist it. I get a kick out of it to see the kids and their parents eating it at the same time..
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@vera5d (4006)
• United States
18 Apr 08
I love ice cream. It is one of the best things ever. These days though I don't eat as much as I used to since I have been carefully watching my sugar as much as possible. I should look to see if i can get or make sugar free varieties, that would be great!
• United States
18 Apr 08
I love ice cream it is so good.. They got so meny kind of ice i don't know which on to eat they are so good i will just eat them all
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
20 Apr 08
Yes there is so many different flavors of ice cream is amazing how many you can eat and what combinations. I love ice cream too in the summer though. I rarely eat it in the cold winter.
• Finland
20 Apr 08
Oh god, I terribly like icecream...Each time when a box of 2L of icecream is beside me, I would eat it one spoon by one spoon without stop. That's why I become very fat :P
@MGjhaud (20679)
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
I guess it's common especially to children that the best treat is ice cream. Even my nieces and nephews they prefers ice cream if I ask them what do they want me to buy for them. I like ice cream too but not really my craving when I wanted some treat.