The siblings bonding

@wendylb (203)
April 17, 2008 10:36pm CST
have you ever set time to have outing together with your sister/s or brother/s?.. yes, i have and i want it happen again. The picture i posted in my photo section is the picture taken last January 2007. My brothers, sister and I decided to take pictures as our remembrance of being together. Before when we have outing we envite our causins and neighbor friends. But at this time we five only together.. Our mother not with us, shes in our hometown that time. She want us enjoy our time together( The siblings bonding is what she called). While having out time together we talked about our past lives, our memories when we were at our childhood stage, our jealousy to our parents love and afflection, our fightings and our hatreds.. We laughed and some almost cried and i cried.. I cant hold that tears on my eyes seeing my sister and brother now grown and remembering each life stories. Our youngest brother enjoyed listening to our stories. He cant relate to our childhood stories because he was baby that time. At his 3 years age, me, my brother moved to Iligan for our education... Now, i miss our bonding much and i hope this will repeat in the near future... Yes.. its true.. siblings relationship is the longest and closest in most peoples lives,.. and i miss them much now..
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
I can feel what you are feeling right now. You see, I have 3 siblings and I'm the eldest. Next to me is my younger brother, then two younger sisters. Back in high school, my brother and I would write letters to each other since I studied here in Manila and stayed with my mom's sister's family while they studied there in the province, particularly in Pangasinan. When my younger brother graduated from high school, he transferred here in the city and took his college studies here, too. By this time, I was writing to my other younger sisters who were still in the province. Same with my younger brother, she also went here to study college. That was in the late 1990's when I had already graduated from college and was employed with my first job after college. We had our share of bonding moments especially with my younger sister who is third child in the family. We would often go to malls either shopping or just shopping without cash (window shopping) and we had several laughs then. Before every Christmas season arrives, we would go to Divisoria to buy several gifts for our relatives. I guess you could relate to these places I've mentioned since you are a resident of the Philippines yourself, just as I am. I really miss these moments because at present, I'm alread married for almost five years now and we have one child - a loving two-year old daughter. Even if I get to see them often, it's just not like before. Naturally, I have other duties, priorities, and responsibilities now which are far different from the good old days. Even during holidays, our time is being divided - time for my own family, with my parents and siblings, and time with my in-laws.
@wendylb (203)
• Philippines
22 May 08
happy to hear that your now a mom with a loving two year old daughter. Of course, experienced you have before with you bros now different. Hope you will be bless with another kid, when they grew up, they too will experience but in modern days. God bless you!