How do you find the college education in China?

April 18, 2008 12:11am CST
I am a college student in China.But I just find that the life in the university is just so disappointing.It is not as wonderful and colorful as I thought when I was in middle school.We all study hard every day.Both the students and the teachers are hurry in everyday.All of us live a life with a world of pressure.And at last we will find that we seem to waste time learning the courses which turn out to be not as useful in jobs we will take in the future.I don't know where the problem come from and what cause the education in university become the scene now.What is your opinion?
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• China
18 Apr 08
You are not the only one in China who think that going to university is of no use. It's rather true that life in the university is rather different from what you expected, or the teachers are not as experienced as you want them to be. But I would like to note that a university is absolutely different from a high school. When in high school, one can calculate how much one has learned but not in university. I don't know which grade you are in now, but if you look back at the years you've stayed in the university, you may probably be astound to find that you actually learn little specific knowledge in the university. However, I suppose you should understand that a university is not a training school where graduate will be taught different job skills so that they can work in the society immediately. On the contrary, a university should not teach anything very technical, otherwise, there should be no need for the existence of a university. And a university that aim such should be be called a university but a training centre. Where should one learn something so-called pragmatic, which, to my understanding, everything that taught in the Chinese universities nowadays is practical? The training schools or the technician schools rather than the universities. I think the society is wrong in blaming the university for its failing to foster qualified intellectual fodders to feed the giant business monster which no only swallow our energy but what's worse, our souls and morals. Equipping their employees with necessary work skills should be done by the employers rather than shifting this responsibility to the universities. I think all of the Chinese universities are in a quandary. They should balance the teaching of practical skills and theoretical knowledge and academy innovations. They are subjected to the trenchant public criticism and unreasonable expectations which they should not face. Never ever have the universities promised the students a very practical and instant work knowledge. Never have they said we aim to equipped you with satisfactory English proficiency with a certain month. It is all of us who unrealistically expect the universities to teach us something very practical. It is all of us who are under the illusion that university graduates will work better in jobs. The last but not the least, my suggestion. You should not not blame your university for not giving you want you want, because your life and your needs are in your own hand but the universities'. If you think you cannot get the expected working experience in your university, then give up the university courses and apply for the coursed provided by the training schools. After all, there are so many ways to skin a cat.