Chef in the making!!!!

April 18, 2008 1:44am CST
Hi! I'm a person who'd like to invent new recipes. I just watch cooking shows especially "30 minute" by Rachel Ray then I try to make just like the recipe they do. I did "Beef and Cabbage with Oyster sauce" but with a twist,when I served it to my family in just 1 second the food is gone and they ask for more. That time, everytime my mother bought some beef tapa's, I cook my ever own recipe. Then my second specialty is pasta, like carbonara, spaghetti with cream sauce. And I invent new recipe's I aslo have my Tokyo Tokyo revised "Beef Misono", just anything that our refrigerator have I started to think what to do with that ingredients... Hopefully when I finished my computer studies I can enroll to a culinary school and become a renowned chef and become like Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and Rachel Ray of the Philippines...hehehe!
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18 Apr 08
Wow !! thats very creative of you !! can u post the recipe for beef and cabbage with oyester sauce
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
Wow..that is good! Can you tell me the recipe of your Beef and Cabbage with oyster sauce? It's great to know you can invent foods. I can cook, but I am not into inventing recipes - I just cook the foods the conventional way. Good luck in your endeavors. Maybe someday I will see you in TV!