End of Friendship....

@melovean (160)
April 18, 2008 6:06am CST
My Subject is bit of a surprising...its not about ending friendship....its abt college frnds which wer wit me in college...after college everybody started working in some good companies...now my point is wen i was in college i had a group of frnds...we decided we would be in touch no matter wat happens & will meet each other every weekend.So wen we graduated from college we were so happy tht finally we finsihed our studies...then everybody got good job...so we started wrking..we were meeting evry weekend for sometime...thn the work pressure increased on each individual...then we started meeting once in month...then slowly tht too demolished...we were meeting once in quarter or six months...till now this trend has conitnued..now my question is after college do v get too far frm our frnds whch wer wit us in college/school to help us wenever we need help...i have heard one stry whch stats tht frndship ends up with 3 frnds siting at their respective home, one messenger & glass of tea....what are your thoughts on this ?? regrds, melovean
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@rexiemay (402)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
hi melovean. it is really great if we find friends who would stay with us even after college. im glad to say that ive found friends like that. even though we dont get to see each other for quite some time, we would be there if there is a problem. i hope you would be able to find friends like them. if not, then maybe, you could still have friends from work or from your neighborhood. it doesnt matter where they come, what matters is the lasting friendship you have built with them and their sincerity to stay with you.
@LucyZhang (313)
• China
19 Apr 08
Hi melovean! I have several friends in the university and most of them became teachers after graduation near my hometown and I left my hometown to work in a big city. We met each other once or twice a year and only send emails or short messages when we meet problems, but when we meet, we don't feel there is a gap between us and we still close with each other, just like we were in the university. So I think friendship will never end because the time and space problem. Have a good time!
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
for me once a friend always a friend. maybe they are not too much in contact with you guys but i am sure there are a lot of reasons why. we on our part must understand them. my wife always says that some people really do get so busy that sometimes they forgot to meet or to communicate but that doesnt mean that they forget your friendship already