November 1, 2006 3:00am CST
I have joined quite a number of companies involved in network marketing wherein I made money on some but I also lost on the others. Why is it that most of these companies do not last. Most companies fold up after a year of operation leaving the expecting members hoping to earn much left with just the HOPE. Their money? It's gone with the wind...
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@TDonald (1423)
• United States
9 Nov 06
I think that many fail because they are not true network marketing businesses... in other words SCAMS. Now if you are with a true network marketing company, many people fail because they do not know how to promote their business, and most of them are unwilling to learn and do what it takes to be successful. Part of the reaon for this is the way the business is presented to them. They are led to believe that no work, no selling, no effort is involved and the paychecks will just magically appear. Not true. If you lose money it's your own fault. Usually your greed and expectation of making a quick buck disables your ability to make a rational decision. Never give anyone your money without taking the time to investigate. And finally, when you do find a legitimate opportunity make a commitment to stick with it. You can't get anywhere if you keep starting over. I have made money from the very first week with the company and product I rep. And my monthly check gets bigger with each passing month. PS: You NEVER hear me say things like, HOT, EXPLODING, TIMING, GET IN NOW, THE BEST, or any of the other hypey crap when I refer to my business.
• Indonesia
1 Nov 06
i can not say about this... good info.