Ever met (or know someone who has) Stephen King????

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April 18, 2008 1:43pm CST
My older sister met him in a supermarket parking lot outside of Boston.She took his picture and he signed her receipt. She sent them both to me along with a letter about their conversation. She said that he just seems creepy, but he is really nice. When she mentioned that she had a sister who enjoyed reading his work, she said he opened up and even offered her advice to pass along to me. "If you want to write, always write what you know, it's easier to stay on track that way."
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21 Sep 08
Man, I would love to meet Stephen King. But knowing me, I'd end up making an idiot out of myself or something lol.
@Fryediddy (127)
• United States
14 Aug 08
I never actually met him but my parents own a flower shop that is only a couple of hundred yards from his house in Bangor, ME. I used to help out delivering on holidays and random times and since I'm such a big fan my mom let me deliver an order to his house. He wasn't home but I met his wife Tabitha. I love to brag and say to everyone that my parents are Stephen King's official florist. :-) Living in the area there are always the random sightings and stories as well. He taught English at my high school in the 70's and I sat a couple rows from him at a movie once. I think it was School of Rock. hehe
@ciph8673 (12)
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23 Jul 08
Someone I know's mother met him in a parking lot somewhere in Maine. He asked her a question about her dogs. I think your sister is very privelaged to have met him. He's a brilliant writer and has a wonderful mind. I don't think he's creepy at all. Unfortunately, that's a common misconception of great minds. People think they're creepy and luckily in his case he persevered beyond that, and became something fantastic.
@Breath (1297)
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18 Apr 08
I have always wanted to meet Stephen King...!!!So I would have been very excited...He is the one that made me want to write.The passion in my thoughts and words...I problay would have fainted in his arms...lol