My Dog is over a year old and STILL Potties on the floor WHAT DO WE DO????

United States
April 18, 2008 2:58pm CST
We have a bulloxer (American Bulldog and Boxer mix) she was a year old on Easter this year. We have had the hardest time getting her potty trained. My boyfriend works second shift and is gone from 2 pm till 12 am now she is usually VERY good when he is here. Shes pottied a few times with im here but usually its while hes gone so hes blaming it on me, he thinks I dont lat her out. well thats not the case I can let her out and 30 minutes later she will go on the floor OR the couch. I dont know what to do with her.I know bulldog are bull headed and but I thought boxers were smart. she looks more like a boxer nd nothing really like a bulldog so im thinking that she got the bull dogs brains?? So do any of you have any ideas for me. except getting rid of her cause Ive already tried that and its not happening he wont do it. im just not used to having dumb dogs that still potty in the house after like 6 months old. Ive always had German shepherds my whole life and a few other dogs but they were all really smart. this is just frustrating me cause then theres time that she will go a week or so without doing it but then she does it again.
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• Canada
24 Apr 08
It sounds like pukaprat knows alot about dogs. Likely much more than me, but I will try to help if I can. I know that animals will continue to re-offend in the same location they have messed before because they can smell it there, even if we cannot. So some special cleansers that will remove all scent of the 'accident' would be wise, if you haven't already tried that. The rubbing the nose in it does work, I agree. If it isn't a bladder problem (check with the vet), then it is most likely looking for more attention, even though you are giving it attention, it seems to want more from your mate. Is she 'crate-trained'? That is usually the easiest way to house train, since they refuse to mess in such a tiny space to keep it clean to sleep in. That's how I trained my dog. I think she should be spending more time outside to prevent the association, messes, etc. But that's just my opinion. I hope you sort this out with her. If not, I guess it's off to the pound. Maybe check some websites for dog training techniques?