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United States
April 18, 2008 3:07pm CST
Do you like a big house? My husband and me planned on getting a new house. He wanted to have a big one but I prefer small. He said, he likes to have a big house with a basement in preparation for a tornado and extra rooms for the children. We do not have children yet so I want to get a small one. Is this a good idea? Or maybe it is just me who do not like to be inside a big house. For me, it is hard to keep and might become haunted since nobody will occupy the other vacant rooms.
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• Philippines
18 Apr 08
Hi chocolate_monette! I guess we have the same taste when it comes to the size of the house. I don't like big houses. I prefer smaller ones. Just enough space for my favorite appliances and furnitures. I consider myself a minimalist. I don't like too many appliances, just the necessary ones. I also don't like huge furnitures. I do appreciate cute and creative ones. Lesser appliances and furnitures could save much space in the house. Another thing that I don't like in big houses is that, I am very keen with cleanliness. I don't get any maid because I love doing it on my own. And a small house wouldn't be difficult to clean and maintain at all. I just hope that your husband and you would discuss that matter seriously in order to arrive at your dream HOME. Cheers girl!
• United States
20 Apr 08
I also like a clean house too. Messy house gives me a headache. It really irritates me whenever my house gets messy. Maybe I should relax a little on this behavior of mine because whenever we will have children, I am sure, the house will be a lot messy. I do not want to get crazy.
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
18 Apr 08
I prefer to have a small house since I don't like to spend much time in cleaning. hahahha...aside from that, we also do not have kids and I agree with you, some of the room will be unoccupied! As long as there is a spacious master's bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. I will be satisfied with that!