earthquake in st louis while we are sleeping

United States
April 18, 2008 3:13pm CST
can you share your experience from the earthquake that shook us while we are sleeping early this morning? i was having my so called restless sleep and having a lot of dreams going on that makes me feel i was not even sleeping..then suddenly i heard our wall frames and tables shaking.. it was also as if somebody was shaking our bed.. i think it just lasted a few seconds. i was not really scared about it since im used to it... after that i checked my husband sleeping right next to me.. and i knew he didnt feel it coz he is so sound asleep.. when he went to work today, he sent me a text message saying there was an earthquake lastnight..i replied "i know, i felt it" then he texted back, "i didnt" and i replied back saying "i know" then i tried to sleep in this morning since i still feel very tired... and another shake woke me up..but this time it was shorter than the first.. i knew what it was...aftershock.. then i just simply went back to sleep.. :) share your story... i would love to hear it...
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@jormins (1224)
• United States
18 Apr 08
Its strange I lived about an hour southwest of Chicago and I was not yet fully asleep for the quake (or really just more shaking by me). I live in an older building so I assumed something was wrong with the house, but after a few seconds it stopped and I fell back asleep forgetting about it until I saw it on the news today. I can't believe that I felt it so far away. I think I slept through the aftershock.