why locals jealous to immigrant

April 19, 2008 12:08am CST
i used to be an immigrant in the u.s for 5 years(98 to 03). i worked and live there with wife and 1 kid(at that time). i live in 3 cities, l.a suburb, moved to denver(co), back to l.a, and finally landed in everett(wa). what i learn for living in the u.s was that most of local people wherever i lived jealous to the immigrant because they think that immigrant steal their money with working there. don't they ever think that we are keeping their country economy rolling. we are helping some of their fellow citizen. what would happen to , for example, their fellow citizen who live in homecare company if there's no immigrant who work there?(because there's just a little number of local who want to work there).so they want your own fellow citizen careless and let them just die helplessly?i don't think so. what do think?
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@CatVegas (711)
• United States
24 Apr 08
I'm not upset at the immigrants who come here and want to become legal..But there are so many that are here illegally and are pushing for rights and wants so much given to them...We have way to many Gangs that have come here, so many who have taken someones ID and using it...I can't blame alot of them for wanting a better living that we have here in the US but to come and demmand it crazy..The ones who earn their citizenship I can say I'm proud of them. But so many have taken so many jobs that Americans will work, but not at the low pay that the illegal immigrants are willing to work for...Sure they all pay into the economy, but yet we have so many hospitals going out of business as they can't keep giving free help to everyone..With the low pay they are making it doesn't cover all the taxes needed to help in areas that need it...Many pay taxes and many don't as they are willing to work under the table.... Most people are just upset at the ones who have to intendions of being Legal...But who demand a Free hand out or rights that they won't work or earn to get them...Also take a good look at where the economy is going now....The United States is in a real deep problem and it is going to get very hard on everyone....