Your tips and tricks to save money

@jalucia (1435)
United States
April 19, 2008 10:45am CST
OMG!! Gas prices just went up again in my area. I've seen gas for as high as 3.67 ... 3.79 for full service stations. I think it is so ridiculous that people's lives have to be affected by rising gas prices. When you have to pay so much for gas, you begin to put limits on yourself just to save a penny. I really don't like to feel that I shouldn't go somewhere just because the price of gas is too high to get there and back. And, for all those moms driving those minivans ... it cost alot more to gas them up than to gas up a chevy cavalier. Pretty soon, people are going to have to be rich in order to drive a car. I'm just wondering what you guys do, in these hard times, to save a penny?
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