How do you get someones attention?

April 19, 2008 2:49pm CST
If you saw a girl/guy whom you liked, how would you get their attention? What "small talk" so to speak would use? How would you confront them if you didnt know them? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This question is posed because i was having a discussion with my boyfriend today, whom was trying to help his best friend get a date. His friend just moved to a new city, and my bf has went to visit him. My bf was nice enough to stop a nice lookn lady for his best friend, and then he left them to talk... The only thing his best friend could think of asking was: How do you get to ---- this supermarket.. The girl laughed and was like its right behind you lol. So my question is for guys & girls... If you saw a nice look person whom you liked, how would you approach them if you didnt know them? What lines would use, what "small talk" so to speak would you use? Personally if it were me, i would ask something like: Do you know of a good place to eat around here? Or Where can i get a Good cup of coffee? And if your lucky, you start small talkn from there, and maby have him/her show you how to get where your going, maby even ask them to join you for coffee, or lunch. Whats your suggestions?
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19 Apr 08
You have the idea there! Me...I would just walk up to them and strike conversation. Ask them out to lunch/dinner, something. I would let them know that I was/am interested in them. I really don't know what type of small talk that I would use. It all depends on the situation. It would probably be something cheesy, just to get a laugh out of them. I know laughter is a good ice-breaker!