Minimum Wage

April 19, 2008 3:24pm CST
What's the minimum wage in your country? More importantly, what do you think it should ideally be? I think $10 per hour should be the minimum wage for all forms of labour, and $25 an hour should be the minimum wage for knowledge workers, IT professionals and intellectual labour. In India, people are lucky to get even 50 cents a day for an 18 hour day in poorer regions!
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
19 Apr 08
Yeah I agree especially with the prices going up so high I think they should raise the minum wage to at least $10. Where I live the minimum wage is only $6.50 which has gone up use to be $6.00 but when ever prices go up the minimum wage should also go up so we dont go into a depression which I think will happen soon.
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• Canada
19 Apr 08
50 cents a day omg hahaha. And am complaining about the min wage here,,,,, Am in Alberta Canada and the location am at is $8hr, however most jobs pay like $10hrs... To work for less then $10 is a joke... I worked out the cost and for a single person to rent a single apartment, pay bills, food etc. they need to make at least $14hr, working 40hr weeks. For ITS and Graduates they should make at least $25hr i agree with that!